By Jesper Ejsing

I will follow in the steps of Arnie and show, for this update, my studio space.

I share a studio with 10 other artists. Some of them are children’s book illustrators, others are comicbook artists and concept artists. One of them, Paul Bonner, is a fantasy artist like myself. Our studio is called Pinligt Selskab, which means Embarrassing Company.

It is a great advantage to share a studio. We have been together for over ten years and often help each other out with critique and encouragements. I find it extremely valuable to be able to take an almost finished painting on a quick round about the studio, asking the others one by one if they find anything wrong or unclear. If more than one suggest the same thing, there is usually something true about it. Also being in a fellowship where we contantly talk about process and exchange experiences is really fantastic.
As you can see, keeping order and cleaning is not one of my strongest assets. I do have a lot of references lying about. The books and gaming catalogs pile up around me when I skip through them looking for ideas and details I can use for my own projects.
The T-Rex head was build by Paul Bonner believe it or not. It is shaped by toiletpaper and glue with a frame of wire.

The top shelf above my computer is a display shelf for all the originals I have done most recently. I like to have them close by, comparing them to each other and judging them against the latest. Thus contantly keeping track of my latest mistakes or improvements. If they were just lying in a file I would forget about them.

On my board behind the computer I keep posters of things that inspire me, or small sketches and originals of my own that I like. Hanging them there reminds me of stuff that worked with this particular artwork.

On my shelf you can see my artbook collection. It is clear to everybody that even if Dan dos Santos has many artbooks, he is not nearly as well equiped as I am. Do not ask about the dead plants.
I use wireless headphones for when I am listening to loud RnB and Hip Hop.