Yessir, I’m trying my hand at oils again. I apologize to all the oil painters in advance. For warm up I watched Dan Dos Santos’ dvd tutorial. I’m currently finishing up Donato’s dvd. Thanks guys! Some problems I had with my first experimentation several months ago was the consistency of the paint. I think I was starting out way too thick and it was rather difficult to control. I started with some quick acrylic washes to do a little shading and to fix the drawing so that it wouldn’t smudge. I’m not painting as thick and I’m also using a second soft yet firm(oxymoron? it’s basically your average house painting brush) brush to spread the paint thin while blending out unwanted brush strokes or not quite blending them out if I like them. It’s moving fairly quick and is remarkably… Actually, it’s quite fun. Who knew? All the oil painters I assume.

Painting more thin in this manner and gradually adding in darks and colors is not too different than how I normally paint. It feels familiar. The extended blending time is awesome. I do however, wish I could flash dry the paint as I finish blending. I’m sure I’ll run into some problems but currently feel good about the progress and process. I plan on documenting this piece a little more than previous paintings. To see the first vid click here (or see below). I’m currently uploading the 4th vid. Hopefully, it will be done by the time you read this. Tips? crits? I’m wide open.