I love Peter!

Well, not in THAT way, but the way an artist loves another artist’s work, envies another artist’s work! Peter can do it all: make me laugh, freak me out, pull me into a story, and even tell the whole story. All of this with an incredible ability to put paint down on canvas, watercolor to paper, pencil on surface. He makes it look easy, and yet so darn complex. Even after all these years of painting I still catch myself trying to figure out how, what, and why he is able to do what he does so well.

Now we have our chance! Peter is our guest blogger tomorrow, and it is my honor to show you some of his work. I can honestly say that everything Peter does is my favorite, so picking pieces to show was not difficult. 

Except that I could not find a place to stop. I wanted to show them all! J
You can see more of Peter’s work on his WEBSITE.