If you’ve been unlucky enough to hear my spiel on the transition from school to where I am today you’ve probably heard of Gooseberry Patch. A local catalog company that uses product illustrations as opposed to photography. And it was my first real art job.

An art buddy of mine got hired there and gave me the heads up that they were still looking to hire more artists. Desperate for work I did some research on the company and did specific samples of exactly what they were looking for. Granted it looked nothing like my portfolio. But paying bills, eating food, and keeping my hand busy(mind outta the gutter) actually making art sounded like an alright deal.

This was good experience for me and I got to see how things worked from the inside of a company. I actually looked at art submissions from the hiring point of view….DENIED. I also discovered a fondness for pattern and watercoloring whimsical lettering! Who would’ve guessed?! Eventually I became the Senior Illustrator of the Art Dept. I didn’t do much designing while there. My inner goose was not so strong. I did however, take designs from other members of the crew with possession of a little more natural goose and bring those concepts to final. I worked there for about five years before jumping into a freelancing career. Look at what I have created! and by “I” I’m actually referring to the Gooseberry Team.

Cook Book Covers…..Yum

Catalog Covers

Sexy Calendars

B&W Interior Works OH My