I am always envious of the skills of other artsists. I often enough get a feeling of beeing inadequete when I see a painting well done or even greatly executed by one of my collegues. I think my most common thought is something like: Ohhh; what I wouldn´t do if I had his or her skills but my own mind” I want the patience of Paul Bonner, the reclessnes of Jim Murray and the clearness of Kevin Walker all done with Dan Santos brushstrokes in the Brother Hildebrandst colours…then I can finally produce the images tight up in my own head. ”Dear God or Satan, do not care which one of you gets to it first, but can you fix it if I ask nicely…please…anyone there?”
”Argh shit!. I have to learn it the hard way then”.
Most times I see other painters an recognize in them skills I think I lack and therefore I envie them even more. But in time I have spoken with a lot of my idols and have to my reasurance found out, that they are for the most part having the exactly same experiences I have, and the same kind of inadequette feeling about thier own work.
When seeing my own limitations clearly in others paintings it often keep me from acknowledge the things I am good at.
We all have our strengths and lacking parts. Knowing your strengths and playing by them is a key to victory. It is just hard work, nothing else, to make the lacking parts less lacking.
What brought me out of this string of semi.self taught wizdom was the feeling I get when looking at other artsits work. I enjoy looking at others work, it keeps me inspireded. Often I get 2 different feelings. One is ”Fuck, Shit I will never be that good. I am to old to borring I will never reach that level: might as well give up” ( needless to say this is a very unproductive thought ) The other one is: Holy shit this is great. I will do everything I can to top that. I will show this bastard. One way or another. ( this is ofcause a very productive feeling )
When I saw the painting I am showing today by an artist called Reynan Sanchez I was mostly blown away with only one thought in my mind:”What the f…!?”
To me this picture is so wild, young, fresh and unrestrained that I barely understand it. Even less I understand how the hell he did it or got there. I love it! Everything about it and I want to change all my own work from now on to get that kind of energy and wildness.
That is inspiration for ya!
All Hail Reynan.
Thanks for getting me out of my seat and ripping me away from my comfort zone. Thanks and damn you! I was happy until now.