By Jesper Ejsing

Today I want to share with you a painting that is actually two paintings. I did the Troll and the Ranger with only one other painting in between, and when I finished I realized that they were almost identical in colors and themes: I placed the 2 boards next to each other and broke out laughing. They fit completely together- in Photoshop i blended the board edges and voila! One painting.
It is actually a bit embarrassing. This way I found out that I am a lazy bastard that doesn’t even mix paint but use the same bottles and colors straight out the tubes. If I do not think about i tit seems I tap into the same theme of colors for woods, doesn’t it.
Seeing these two together made me realize that from now on I needed to be sure of a color theme before I begin. The first idea is usually not the best…it seems. From now on I try a bit more before settling on an idea. Keeping away from the first idea or at least twisting it or bending it is my rule from now on.