I just received the final numbers for this year’s MicroVisions auction. In total, the auction raised $4464.85! Literally every penny of that amount will go into the pockets of well-deserving art students, via the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition.

Thank you again to all the artists who generously donated their time, and to all those who bid on art, making the whole thing possible. Every dollar matters. And though a single contribution may not seem overly substantial by itself, I can assure you it is. As a past recipient of an SoI Scholarship myself, I can personally attest that it made a major difference in launching my career.

Unlike other scholarship programs that simply reduce one’s tuition, the Society of Illustrators grants cash awards. Meaning that an art student can spend the scholarship any way he sees fit; be it launching a website, printing postcards, traveling to NY or whatever.

A special congratulations to our own Jesper Ejsing, whose 5×7 inch painting was the highest selling item, raising $1046.00 by itself. Quite an achievement!

John Cuneo’s contribution to the MicroVisions Auction.