By Justin Gerard
Some of you may recall this little post I put up a little while back on my blog.
I mentioned then that its purpose was to reclaim some balance in my life. I had been spending a lot of time in zombieland, and I needed some fresh air. The project (that I couldn’t speak of or Sony would burn my farm) was Resistance 3, which was released September 6 for the PS3.
I’m excited to see it is doing really well so far and getting really good reviews. It was a fun project. I don’t usually go in for zombies or slashers in general, and this was a complete departure from my usual style and manner of work. But it was fun to switch things up and jump into something really gritty for a while. It was also a great learning experience and I got to work with some super talented guys from Edgeworx.
My primary job on this project was to provide art for the opening cinematic sequence for the story.  This explained in brief how things got to be such a mess and why you were about to go out into that mess and shoot everything in site.  
I was really excited to finally get to see the work in motion and with sound.  The guys we worked with at Edgeworx did some really amazing stuff with it.  However, there was one thing that did strike me as odd when I saw the first videos after it hit youtube.
At 1:25 in the video my friends Zach and Alissa get married.
Zach helped me out on this project, getting reference together and setting everything up for me. And when there was no reference, he would improvise. So in much of my reference, I find Zach being both the hero and the villain, and occasionally even the innocent bystander who gets eaten by the zombies.
Here Zach posed for the priest and for the groom and Alissa posed for the bride. Strangely enough, Zach and Alissa actually did get married in real life shortly after this scene.
I was actually in the wedding too and so all of this kind of blends together.
When I watch this video, what I see is Zach and Alissa taking their vows, walking down the aisle together, and then Zach running out into the parking lot with a machine gun and mowing down the wedding guests who have inexplicably turned into mutant zombies.
Like I said, it all gets kind of fuzzy now that I’m thinking back to it…