by Eric Fortune

Here are shots of some of the paintings I’m currently working on. As I sometimes forget one needs the right tool, or brush, for the right job. I try to hold off on noodling any details too early in the painting as they often get lost in the following washes. This can be hard because it seems all the cool washy wet on wet goodness happens in the beginning. I immediately want to jump in and refine the nuanced transitions and granulations with a number 4 round brush. Having a little confidence that cooler washes will present themselves later takes some experience and trust in the medium. Even now this is something I’m still working on.

A lesson I learned from a painting teacher back in college was to paint the entire piece with one large brush and put off the smaller brushes completely. Of course I compromise a bit but holding off on the smaller brushes does seem to help in the long run…when I can resist.