-By JJ Palencar

The guys at Sidebar having been busy providing the arts community with priceless interviews from some of our favorite established artists and illustrators…..

Since no one has posted this…. here’s a great interview from a couple of weeks ago with the noted artist and illustrator, Mark English. Mr. English has won more awards then any other artist at the Society of Illustrators Annual competition. He now focuses his energies in the fine art gallery market.

In 1980 I had the opportunity to attend the Illustrators Workshop on scholarship awarded at the Society of Illustrators Student Competition. It was my senior year in art school. That year, the workshop was held in Paris, France. The attendees were divided into various groups and I was in Mr. English’s group. He did a wonderful demo in oil on an existing print of his work. Mark’s versatility and technical knowledge regarding paint and design were quickly soaked up by our eager minds. The Workshop has launched many careers in illustration …. including mine. During the Workshop, Bob Peak bought me a cup coffee while we sat in a cafe that faced Notre Dame cathedral. Those were the days my friends!

Mark English Interview @ Sidebar

Mark English – Website

A partial page from the Workshop Brochure.