by Justin Gerard
Sketchbook 2012: Ents & Orcs ships out today!  
 The first 50 are individually numbered and have a personal drawing in them.  
#1 this year went to Dave from Kalamazoo, who managed to order in the first 15 seconds of it being live somehow. I believe that aliens were somehow involved. Dave isn’t saying anything.  Either way, he will be getting a dragon. 
The sketches this year feature a lot of wizards, dragons, vikings, elves and as you might expect, a lot of Ents…

 …and orcs. 
But there are also dwarves,
 And others of a less than savory nature…
As well as some old friends, 
And the Were-rabbit makes his return for #40:
If you haven’t gotten one and are interested, there are still a few left on the Store.
And I will of course be selling them at DragonCon this weekend in Atlanta.  
Thanks again for all the orders and support! You guys are awesome.