-By Serge Birault

The last two weeks were incredible. I spent several days on planes, trains, bus, cars and I met a lot of amazing artists on different events …

CFSL Workshop (Paris – France)

3 days of workshops with various artists from France (and also from Mexico). Small audience but very friendly. A good opportunity to see some friends too …

Simon Loche, concept artist.
Hubert de Lartigue, our french airbrush Master.
Tony Sandoval, illustrator.

Me, trying to explain why I don’t know any shortcuts …
Jean-Sébastien Rossbach, illustrator.
Marc Simonetti, illustrator.

Illustrators Deathmatch (Querétaro, Mexico)

2 days of workshops/live demos and one day of challenge. It was my first in Mexico and I have to say it was fantastic. Everybody was so kind and Querétaro is a so beautiful place.

The audience was very huge and very, very friendly. I met the other artists for the first time and we were like a small family. Hope I could go back to Mexico soon …

Photo by Pedro Conti
Mostasho, illustrator.
 Photo by Pedro Conti
Gina Chacón, illustrator.
Photo by Pedro Conti
Goñi Montes, illustrator.

Photo by Lidia Candelario
Maroto Bambino a.k.a Bambinomonkey , illustrator.

Pedro Conti, 3D artist.

Photo by Pedro Conti
Me and my two translators 🙂
All the gang …

Exhibition Tentacle Trance: Slithering Sensuality in Illustration 
( Minneapolis College of Art and Design, U.S.A). 

I wasn’t able to go to Minneapolis for this one because I was in Mexico.

Here’s a list of the featured artists : Christopher Conn Askew,  Rubens Cantuni, Igor Carteret, Camilla d’Errico, Rudy Fig, Tomer Hanuka, Natalie Shau, and Vladimir Tomin.

It’s always very strange for me to have my pictures on an art college. Pin ups are not always welcomed. 🙂

Exhibition at “Les Furieux” (Paris, France).
November, 6th – December, 2th.
Opening : November, 8th.

My next exhibition will be in … a rock n’roll bar. I like the idea to show my pictures on this kind of place. So if you are in Paris next month, you know what you have to do 🙂