I am very happy to announce that Dark Dragon Books has decided to publish a book of my art, titled The Art of Petar Meseldzija. This book will include a selection of paintings and drawings from the past 25 years, with the emphasis on the fantasy themed works. The book will have about 140 pages, and the text will be in English.

I will be collaborating with Dragan Bibin on this project. Apart from being a brilliant illustrator, Dragan is also an accomplished designer who generously agreed to help me with the lay-out of the book.

I have been trying for some time to find a publisher for this book, but without success. Most of the publishers I approached admired the art, but at the same time they thought that it would be financially too risky for them to invest in a book of an artist whose profile is not yet “high enough in the US”, to quote from a recent reply I got from a publisher. In other words, they think that, in spite of the quality of my work, my name still does not resonate enough with profit and prestige.

However, thanks to Amin Gemei, the founder and the publisher of Dark Dragon Books, his vision, bravery (willingness to take the risk) and his trust in my art, I will be finally able to present you with this art book