-By Jesper Ejsing

This is a very new illustration I did for a fantastic game called Kaijudo from Wizards of the Coast.

The dragon “Infernos The Immolator” is the big Boss from the fire part of the game. It was one of my first digital paintings and it was a real bumpy ride to get there.

I first boldly started sketching in color right away. I was slinging strokes around like a gunslinger with endless ammo, Not thinking anything would be a problem and everything would be fixable. “That´s how it is with computers right?”bAfter an hour or so I realized the anatomy and the bas drawing was shit and it struck me that if it had been an acrylic painting I would have started all over a long time ago. So I started all over, this time in pencil. I sketched the whole dragon scanned it in and started adding colors very very slowly.

In the end it looks like my old paintings.

I regret the sky and the clouds. they are way too smooth and lacks “drawing” or strokes. the image come off as being a cutout figure pasted in on a background. It works very well in card size where you do not really see much background because of cropping. I really like the texture part of the wing it looks very much like how I used to do that same effect with a real brush going smudgy for creating textures.