…We interrupt this otherwise useful flow of artistic information to bring you a shameless marketing ploy…

By Justin Gerard
Justin Gerard’s Sketchbook 2013 is now available on Etsy HERE!
If you missed the previous post, the details are:
1. Sweet New Sketchbook. It’s just like the old sketchbooks EXCEPT IT’S TOTALLY NEW.  
2. It’s out today.  
Okay, one other thing: I am doing something a little different this year. In past years I have done the first 50 order receive a hand-drawn image on the front page.  

For previous years results check out:
This has been a lot of fun, but has often-times ended in abject pandemonium. So, this year, I am experimenting with something new and am going to be offering 2 separate books.
The Standard Edition and The Deluxe Limited Edition.
That’s right, Deluxe.
The Standard Edition will arrive hand-signed and is $20. It’s just like the normal order from previous years.
The Deluxe Limited Edition will arrive, hand-signed and individually numbered (1-50), with an original drawing on the front page and it also includes a bookmark. The Deluxe Edition will be $40.  This one is limited to only 50, and once they are gone they are gone.
Deluxe Drawings!
Deluxe Bookmarks!
Deluxe Things!
(Deluxe Treasure Chest not included)
This (and everything else on my store) is going to be available online for a limited time only: Tuesday, September 10th through Tuesday, October 15th. 

I will also be offering 8″x10″ signed prints this year of a number of my images. (More on this soon)  So get your Christmas shopping done early!