-By Serge Birault

Yes, I know, I’m late … I was very busy last month, traveling in Portugal, Brazil and Canada. Btw, here’s the picture I did for Halloween. My model was the lovely model (and photographer) Morgana :

I always start with the face but this time, I had aproblem with the likeness and the flesh tones. I worked with my small laptop and the colors, the contrast and the luminosity of the screen are very bad.

At this step, the likness is better. The composition is very simple. I had to work very fast so I decided to do something not very difficult. I finished it in less than 10 hours ( very fast for me ^^).

All the shiny parts were done in the easiest way, some few white spots and very low contrast. As usual, I did a lot of layers …

I spent a lot of time doing the adjustments. As you can see, I created a lot of adjusments layers (overlay, mutliply, color, ….). The opacity of all those layers is usually about 2 or 3 %.

That’s all folks. Hope I will have the time to write sometime more interesting soon 🙂