-By Serge Birault

I moved to Montreal two months ago. Actually, I just followed my wife… She had a good job opportunity in Canada. For a lot of different reasons, we wanted to leave France and live in another country. Quebec was a evident choice because our kids can only speak french and it’s easier for us too.
For the last four years, I spent my time traveling and teaching all around the world and it was great. I met so many interesting people, I discovered so many amazing places. I had the best job ever. But I realized I worked less and less… I mean, I didn’t have time to do more than one or two commission works per month. I realized I had to spend more time with my kids too.

I decided to try to find a full time job and I found one. I’m now working for Ubisoft as an illustrator since a month and I have to say it was a good idea.

Of course, there are some bad points but it was the good moments for me to do that. Here are some reasons why …

– As I said I spent so many time traveling that I just need a routine in my life. You know, starting to work at 8 and finishing at 5, spending more time with my family and having a frontier beetween my life and my job. I just realize I have more free time now.

– I was quite lucky, I never had problem to find freelancing job opportunities. I probably earn less money now BUT I know exactly when I’m gonna be paid. Comptability is hell when you are a freelancer, you really have to organize everything, especially when you have kids.

– When you’re freelancing for video games or animations industries, you sometimes even don’t know on wich project you’re working. You only on this project for few days or few weeks. You never know what happen after because you’re not on the production. It’s sometimes very frustrating (ok, sometimes you’re very happy to do not know …).

– I’m no longer alone. Yes, it’s an important part. Working with other people is not always funny but at least, you have a real social life. So many freelancers have only virtual contacts … I needed to work with other people again. It was more about emulation. In two months, I met a lot of incredible artists, concept artists, 3D modelers, animators … It’s so easy to find inspiration.

– I not longer have to deal with stupid deadlines. I think all the freelancers understand this. I sometimes did a picture in few hours. I speak about illustration, not concept art. So I did a lot of very crapy stuff in ten years. Of course, you could have rush in a big company too but it’s not the same because it’s not your responsability.

– I’m working with an art director again. I had the feeling art direction no longer exists when I was a freelancer. I think I’m not the only one …

– You no longer need to promote yourself. I spent so many time in the internet this last years, I had the feeling it was half part of my job.

Well, of course, having a full time job is not heaven, not every day, but I needed this now. I cannot say I will not go back to freelancing soon. But for now, I really enjoy having a full time job.