By Justin Gerard
Earlier this year I made a post on MuddyColors laying out a plan I had to rework an old image I had painted that had turned out really disappointing.  I now report back with the results!

“The Smell of Venison”
18″ x 24″
Oil on Gessoed Paper and Digital

In general I think it is bad to retread old ground. If I get lost when I am driving, I don’t turn around to retrace my steps. No, like a caveman I plow forward thinking, ‘this’ll probably lead to the right place… eventually,’ and I floor it. (The male brain can be a wonder to behold.)

And sometimes it really is just better to plow forward and tackle new ideas and new stories, and not just retread old ground.  But this is one of those times where if I didn’t go back and fix it, and give the painting the treatment it deserved, it would always haunt me.

For Comparison:

2012 edition

2014 Rework
What do you think?