by Justin Gerard
This is the drawing for a painting that I am currently working on.  It still has a ways to go, but today instead of showing a bunch of static images of the work in progress thus far, I have made a magical internet image.  One that moves….

This GIF, (a word that I am pronouncing as “Jiff” by the way, because listen: my last name is Gerard. And that G is actually a J, so that my name is actually pronounced Jay-Rard, not Guh-Rah-Rah-Rard. Why?  Because it’s a french name and the french don’t care about phonetics. They’ll pronounce things however they please and the world can just deal with it. Anyway, because of this I pronounce all words that begin with G as if they begin with a J as my revenge. So yes, that’s right. “Goose” is actually pronounced “Juice.”)


Now, this GIF, shows how I work when I work digitally.

I really like the girl in the drawing, but when I started to add color, it just didn’t work. I tried a lot of things, but ultimately had to concede that it just wasn’t right and I needed to rework it. So I repainted it in Photoshop from the ground up. I don’t like doing this, but sometimes you have to throw the cat in the trash if it isn’t working.  Wait, that isn’t right… hmmm.. Anyway, sometimes you have to just rework a part of the image in order to save the whole image.

We will see if it was the right decision next time…