John Fleskes has unveiled Victo Ngai’s Call For Entries poster and announced that Spectrum 22 is now officially open for submissions.

Titled “Rule Breaker,” Victo has this to say about her poster: “The girl represents the role of an artist, bringing colors and surprises into predictable routine (monochromatic checker background) as well as breaking rules and confinements (leech monster in square checker suits) which suck blood out of life.”

This year’s blue ribbon jury will be (top to bottom) Justin Gerard, Virginie Ropars, Greg Ruth, Annie Stegg Gerard, and Dice Tsutsumi

What’s Spectrum? Well, you can hit this link for some history and background, but the bottom line is that it is the fantastic art community’s book. For 22 years it’s been promoting an international array of artists of all sensibilities and the field as a whole; pros, students, sculptors, painters, digital artists, comics creators, illustrators, fine artists—all are welcome under Spectrum’s umbrella Join in! Take part! Each book can only be as good, as diverse, as the artists who enter. This is an opportunity to show the world just how good you are and just how exciting the field of fantastic art is.