By Justin Gerard

We are nearing completion on Sketchbook 2014, we have just a few more odds and ends to finish up before we send it to print.

Why so long on these last odds and ends you may ask?

First, we had to flee the country for a few weeks. It had nothing to do with llama theft, that would be ridiculous. We just had to leave the country.
Second, we don’t sell half-baked pies at Gerard and Gerard’s Fancy Art and Pie Emporium.

I’ve also been taking this opportunity to try out some fancy new pencils that we picked up while on the run in the UK.  If you are ever in London, look up L. Cornelissen & Son off of Great Russell Street.  It was the most wonderful little art store I have ever stepped into.


I hope to have the book live on our store sometime this month. I am not sure if I can guarantee Christmas deliveries, but I may be able to get them within a reasonable amount of time after Christmas so that they could feasibly be considered as late Christmas gifts.
I will post again as soon as it is live!  And of course, we will be doing drawings for the First 50 again for old time’s sake.