Starry Night         Vincent van Gogh      1889

Happy New Year Muddy Colorites!

As the New Year rings in, many are want to take an oath of resolution, looking to make their lives and those around them brighter and better.  While I am not much of a believer in of-the-moment oathtaking, I do believe that commitments, when they come from deep inside oneself, can be a road to passion and happiness.
In my professional career as an artist, there have been moments when I turned a corner and set myself upon a new path.  Never knowing if this new choice would result in a successful development in my career, I knew that I was making the right choice for I was committed to the change.
My advice this day is to look inside yourself and follow that passion which has lead you into your love of art.  Tap into that connection and find a way to make it visible, expressive, and share it with others.  Write, visualize, teach, sing, post -what ever form it takes.  For when you express your passion, you will find others who believe and support what you do.
In this changing world of art and communication, I have been amazed with how the webs of interconnectedness formed communities and relationships beyond the structures just a short decade ago I thought would rule the day.  I have grown as an artist because of these changes, and been privileged to watch others grow and blossom as they embrace and evolve with the change.  Your visions may not find an audience immediately, but with perseverance and passion, you will connect and feel fulfilled in that choice.
Best wishes for success into the New Year!