by Arnie Fenner

During Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4, John Fleskes sponsored master photographer Greg Preston to take artist portraits during the show.  It was a lot of fun and the results were wonderful—and a good story came out of one session which inspired today’s post.

On her Facebook page Karla Ortiz wrote about the photo of Iain McCaig. “I was behind the camera asking Iain why he thought Batman was way better than Superman! I think that picture perfectly captured the moment he realizes Batman is INDEED better than Superman. Seriously that’s the picture. He’s all like ‘ Well of course Batman is better! I’ve been so wrong!!! ‘

Above: Iain McCaig and Karla Ortiz. Photos taken by Greg Preston at SFAL4.

To which Iain quickly replied in the comments section, “Batman better than Superman? Ye Gods, Karla–methinks Greg’s flash bulbs have addled your brains!”

So considering that next year will see the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice I naturally have to ask the burning question

Who is “better?”

Batman? [Art by Bob Kane & Jerry Robinson.]

Or Superman? [Art by Joe Shuster & Jack Adler.]

Batman? [Warner Bros/Bruce Timm.]

Or Superman? [Max Fleischer Studio.]
Batman? [Adam West.]

Or Superman? [George Reeves.]

Batman? [Art by Frank Miller & Lynn Varley.]

Or Superman? [Art by Alex Ross.]

Batman? [Michael Keaton.]
Or Superman? [Christopher Reeve.]

Batman? [Neal Adams.]

Or Superman? [Neal Adams.]

Batman? [Christian Bale.]

Or Superman? [Henry Cavill.]

So who do you think is “better?” The Caped Crusader or the Man of Steel? Discuss.