During Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4 Shena Wolf wrangled many of the guests and exhibiting artists to create sketches to auction after the show with the plan that all of the proceeds will go to Allen and Vicki Williams’ medical fund. The auction is now live, with the sketches divided into six collections—and there are gems in each group. Hit this link to bid: not only will the winners snag some beauties when the auctions are over, but they’ll also be helping some great people in the process. A few of the drawings are shown here: please help spread the word!

Greg Manchess

Omar Rayyan

Justin Gerard

Paul Bonner

Dan dos Santos
Cory Godbey

Annie Stegg Gerard

Donato Giancola

Daren Bader

Bill Carman

Scott Brundage
Click HERE to bid on these pieces and more.