Inktober 2015 is nearly over.  Tomorrow is the last day and I will miss seeing the stream of updates on Instagram and Twitter.  I have seen some friends grow significantly in their proficiency and confidence with their work.

I have also made some little discoveries along the way that I think have improved my sketching.  Moving from pen to pencil has made me more deliberate with my pencil sketching.

One of the things I love about ink drawings, especially a good India ink, is the immediacy of it.  As soon as you make a mark, you are committed.  When I see a wonderful ink drawing, I can’t help but admire each stroke of the quill or brush as a distinct moment in time.  Each line is a decision made that can’t be unmade.

I am going to wrap up my 3 Inktober posts with a feast of images from past and current artists who I think do some wonderful work with ink.

Joesph Clement Coll

I love how the silhouetted shapes in the background are drawn with the same flowing lines that flow through the background without breaking that movement.

A gorgeous hi-res scan below sent in by Cory Hinman in a comment on my first Inktober post:

Another great hi-res image:

Nicolas Delort

I know that his work is isn’t purely ink, some of it is scratchboard, but it is still essentially ink.  Really, it is just too good not to share here.

Seriously, this Where the Wild Things Are piece is one of my favorite images.  I guess it was a poster for Mondo and it sold out the same day it was released.

One of those pieces you wish you had done.

James Montgomery Flagg

The face and pants of the man on the left… there is such confidence and spontaneity in the pen work here.

It is beautiful how much form, shape and depth is created in the drawing below with line work.

Kim Jung Gi

Kim Jung Gi has been featured on MC before, but I had to include a few of his amazing drawings here.  If you aren’t familiar with his work, go search YouTube for him and watch him draw then come back and look at these closer.

James Jean
I have long admired Jean’s work, especially the Fable series he spearheaded for some time.  He has a unique and fascinating style.

And I end with this exquisite little drawing by Charles Dana Gibson.
If you didn’t participate in Inktober this year, consider it for next year!  It is a challenge some days to keep it going, but it has been neat to see other artists from all around the world and cool to be part of it.
I need to think of a clever name for an oil-painting-a-day month…
Howard Lyon