by Donato

Sometimes I like to shift gears and make the focus of my paintings something other than a human, figure, or singular object.  It is always a challenge to weave an image about something as vague as ‘time’ or ‘paranoia’ into a commercial commission AND avoid placing a large face/head/body front and center to fulfill this concept.  Luckily I had a very open agenda while I was concepting for the 2015 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar two years back which allowed for me to explore these deviations. 

Below are two images which touched on these non-figurative issues for me.  My thanks once again to David Stevenson, the art director of Random House, for giving me the freedom to chase these fleeting moments inspired by George R.R. Martin’s words.

Little Birds – Varys     30″ x 30″   Oil on Panel    2014

North of the Wall    30″ x 30″   Oil on Panel    2014