-By Howard Lyon

“Ancora Imparo” was a popular motto through the 1500s that can be translated as “I still learn.”  The basic drive and purpose of Muddy Colors falls right in line with this idea.

Anyone who has searched out an answer on the net has been struck with a sense of awe at the sheer mass of information at our fingertips.  We can find millions of images from nearly every artist of note from all of human history.  We can research and study and discover new art and ideas from the phones we carry with us.

One of my favorite resources for learning is Apple’s wonderful iTunes U.  iTunes U allows you to listen (and sometimes watch) free college courses, museum lectures and public media, for free.  Most artists I know can listen to audiobooks while they work and still be effective.  I think it is one of the great aspects of being an artist; that we can learn all day long while we do what we love.  Here are some art related courses:

Ancient Greece: Myth, Art, War

Course Description
In this subject students are introduced to the diversity of the ancient Greek achievement, which has exercised a fundamental and continuing influence upon later European literature and culture…

25 Works You Must See – The San Diego Museum of Art

Short, but excellent presentations on specific works in the SDMA collection.

The Ruben Museum of Art

Lots of Asian art, with discussions on art, music and religion.  There are some ideas and visual sensibilities discussed here that aren’t often found in traditional Western Hemisphere art.  Absolutely gorgeous decorative art and design.

Museo Nacional del Prado

Presentations given by the Prado Museum in Spain.  Many of these are in Spanish, but not all of them if you aren’t a Spanish speaker.

Introduction to Visual Studies

Art 10 is an introductory art appreciation course created for individuals without any artistic background. This course introduces you to various art movements, cultural influences, artistic genres, artists, and their artwork.

American Art 18th – 20th Centuries

Brief verbal commentaries of 15 works from American artists of the last few centuries.  Although short, there seems to be a few interesting insights in each podcast.

Late 19th Century Art

Similar to the above, but focusing on post Civil War to turn of the 20th century artists, like Sargent, Eakins and Cassatt.

The Phillips Collection – Exhibition Videos

Very brief video presentations of various works of art from artists like Degas, Renoir, Klee and many others.

In addition to iTunes U are some wonderful free podcasts:

PMA: 19th Century European Painting – Art Tours

Groundbreaking paintings, including masterpieces of French Impressionism.

National Gallery of Art

Massive collection of discussions from the National Gallery of Art.

Victorian Visions – Art Gallery of New South Wales

Great podcast, links are down as of the posting of this, but I am keeping them here hoping it comes back up.

There are literally thousands more.  Go dig in and find something that intrigues you.  From art and architecture to physics and history.  Free and informative, you have endless learning at your fingertips.

On a different, but not totally unrelated note, I started an art sharing account in Instagram and Twitter.  I share masterworks of great art and illustration of the past each day.  Come join in and add your thoughts!

BestArtIllustration on Instagram and Twitter.

Howard Lyon