Greg Manchess

I’ve slowed down a bit over the past month and I take that to mean that my brain is forcing mandatory rest. I’m almost to the half-way point with just over 60 pieces to go. That’s 20 paintings a month until end of August. I’m not sure that can be done, or ever has been done.

Galen on the hangar deck

What was I thinking when I decided that 120 paintings sounded cool? For a time, I had planned on multiple panels per spread, like a graphic novel, but that probably would’ve added years to the novel instead of months. So I’m making each original painting 37” across to fit the cinematic format of 9×11” for the actual book.


On top of that, I’ve started conceptualizing the cover. In discussions with my editor and designer, they reflected on the original painting I had done in 2009 and thought I should use it for a general idea. I had tried my best to write that painting into the manuscript, and finally after many months, managed to work it in. But the character in the painting ended up being too old for my protagonist, Wesley Singleton, who’s seventeen.

Pre-check on the Snow Tracker before main assault

So, a new, more conducive image will need to fold into the other work soon and will be shared here first on Muddy.

More images to come!

Deep in The Waste…
Ice leopard.