Few things are more fun for me than going to a good art supply store and checking out all the cool stuff I wish I had in my studio. One of the unexpected benefits of attending the IMC is that I get to check out everyone’s supplies, and am constantly introduced to a variety products, paint colors, stools, and all sorts of things I’ve never seen before.

One of our students had this great little insert for his French Easel that I thought was really clever. Most palettes that come with a french easel are frustratingly small, allowing for very little mixing area. This palette fits in the back of the easel, and unfolds into a larger palette, complete with jar holder, brush holder and greyscale bar. It also has a recessed lid which floats above the surface, meaning you can close it and still save your paint for future use.

I like to design a lot of my studio furniture, and had actually been designing something similar to mount in front of my regular studio easel, but after seeing this one, I may alter my design.

This palette is specifically designed for use with a standard french easel,  but there’s no reason you couldn’t implement it for regular studio use as well. In fact, you could easily install a 1/4″ mounting bracket to the underside, allowing you to stick the unit onto a tripod. With the height and angle adjustability of a tripod, you would have yourself a very simple, and very versatile palette.

You can find more info on this palette, including ordering info, on the manufacturer’s website: http://www.enpleinairpro.com