by Cory Godbey

With the month of August drawing to a close, I’m sorry to see the summer wrapping up. I don’t know about you but I found that I had a hard time getting out the studio over these last few sunny months.

Even so, there’s one constant companion to help you keep your cool when projects pile up and you can’t get outside to enjoy the humidity, the internet!

August was a great month for tracking down good things online and so like back in March, I wanted to bring you a round up the best things I stumbled upon this past month. Enjoy!


Omar Rayyan needs no introduction to Muddy Colors readers. In fact, I’ll bet many of you are already aware of his new project but for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Omar’s Kickstarting a new book!

Just look at it. I’ll tell you, I’m finding it hard to wait for this one. Can’t wait to see it in print!

For those of you on Instagram, Scott Gustafson has joined! If you’d like to add some pure illustrative magic to your day could hardly do better than to follow Scott.
Here are a couple new entires in the Tran Nguyen being exceptional series.
On August 1st, Tran released a fantastic 60 minute demo detailing her process “from the first glaze to the last noodled detail.” 
The piece is also a part of her collection, “The Flooded Hours” which opened at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery on August 3rd.
And as if that’s not enough, Tran’s teaching an upcoming workshop!
Another great Instagram find, Washington based artist and writer, Shen Leidigh (@shenleidigh) has been on a roll lately. His feed is a nice mix of ink work and what ever good things he spots on his morning walks.
Tiffany Turrill has been posting a ton of great new work recently! You can find most of it on her site (and more on her Twitter and Instagram).
Nobody can stop David Petersen. You shouldn’t try (or even want to, actually). His award-winning, best selling comic series Mouse Guard is, for my money, the very best all ages work that’s out there. 
As prolific as he is kind, recently David’s been showing a lot of great process work. I love these in-progress shots of the sketches and lightbox.

Not exactly an August thing (it was publicly announced back in July at SDCC) but did you know that Mouse Guard is going to be a movie? Rouge One’s Gary Whitta is writing it!
And you know what, to round this out let’s have some animation. I adore moving pictures and seeing drawings come to live never, ever gets old for me. My only regret with this clip is that it’s not subtitled (French) so you miss great lines like: “Luis! Get me the 1001 Claws Armor!” and “Do you recognize my nunchucks?”

It’s really been quite a while since I’ve seen such bonkers, frenetic animated action. Screenshots aren’t going to do it justice, you’ll probably just need to watch.

Last but not least in this month of August good things round up, Faerie Magazine has just released a new coloring book! It features works by Renae Taylor, Stephanie Law, Ruth Sanderson, Charles Vess, and me! 88 pages of beautiful line art.
So what did I miss? Let me know in the comments!