Prometheus A.I.   Donato Giancola    32″ x 42″  Oil on Panel

by Donato

A new addition to my Empathetic Robot series, Prometheus A.I.  A few close ups are below for those interested in textures, color layering, and mixing on the surface of the painting.

One of the aspects I have learned to love about oil painting is that it is always a forward moving and mostly additive process.  Corrections can only be made by over writing the old information, thus you always have to work with a bit of history and artifacts beneath the new surface you are attempting to create.  Rather than stress about trying to remix and match a local color or value while reworking a surface, the interesting visual complexity achieved by these color misses adds a wonderfully scintillating dynamic to the surface of the oil painting.  An effect I disliked in the early part of my career, but one now I eagerly and actively cultivate in my work.

Giclee, Limited Edition prints of this painting are available in my new store: