Greg Manchess

This update finds me buried in work with about 25 paintings going at once, and about 32 left to go from scratch. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Not gonna make it.

But just last week, I received a call from my editor, Joe, and he had some really good news for me.

He recalculated the production schedule for the book and it looks like we’ll still make the deadline. In fact, I gained about two extra months to finish up all the paintings plus the manuscript revisions! YES!!

The first thing I did was take the night off. Ate a slow dinner. Caught up on Season Two of Penny Dreadful, and hit the sack early. I was refreshed with new energy and excited to get back to work. I wanted to dive right back in the next day.

Even so, it means that I can’t really let up. I must stay on top and on target in case there are any problems for the production. It seems there’s always something that can go wrong or creep up.

So here’s a few in-progress pieces for you this time. Looks like I’ll be writing a few more updates, too. Hope you don’t mind. I’ll be back to “Ten Things…” soon!