by Cory Godbey

“Come! O, human child! 
To the woods and waters wild, 
With a fairy hand in hand, 
For the world’s more full of weeping 
then you can understand.”

W. B. Yeats

Quite a while ago I stumbled across the KIN FABLES TRILOGY, loved it, meant to post it on Muddy Colors, somehow didn’t get around to it, ultimately forgot the title, lost the link, all that.

Well! I just spent the last week backpacking through the North Cascades National Park (that’ll be my next post for sure) and, incredibly, at some point during all the switchbacks the name of this collection returned to me. Delighted, when we got back into civilization I looked into it again.

Seb and Ben McKinnon have crafted a magical and haunting experience with their work. The shorts are moody, atmospheric, strange, and wild. They manage to strike that John Bauer tuning fork within me.

What’s more, there’s an entire catalogue of short films to be enjoyed here.

To close, I couldn’t post about Kin without noting, as I understand it, Ben McKinnon passed away earlier this year.

As if that Yeats quote couldn’t possibly be more poignant.