Hopefully by now all of our readers know about our ‘Monthly Live Event’. This is a monthly workshop held by Muddy Colors exclusively for our Patreon Subscribers.

This Month’s event is ‘Painting from Life‘, where Muddy Colors member Howard Lyon will walk us through the process of painting a portrait from life in a 2-3 hour live demonstration. The show starts this Saturday, October 15th, at 3pm EST.

This event is live, and will not be aired again, nor will it be available for sale. So how do you watch it? Well, if you’ve already supported our Patreon page, you don’t need to do a thing. Just check your inbox for your ticket the day of the event. If you’re not a supporter yet, just a $5 donation gets you access to the event. Our $10 tier actually let’s Patrons download and re-watch the event at their leisure.

Late sign-ups may not be processed in time for the event, so if you’re interested in helping support your community and getting access to some cool demonstrations in return, don’t delay and subscribe now!