by Howard Lyon
I have added a few colors to my palette lately and I have found them to be quite useful so I thought I would share them here.  I really prefer a very simple arrangement (though it might not look like it). 
Some colors are on the palette because they are critical, while others are what I would call “convenience colors”.  The Radiant line from Gamblin falls into this category.  The line is composed of 8 colors:
You can mix colors very close to these (though I do think these are a little more intense than what you could get, possibly from the pigment being ground as opposed to just mixed in) but these are awfully convenient.  I arrange them in a similar string as the darker colors on my palette, which is a New Wave Art palette, which I love.  I specifically use the Expressionist Confidant.
The ‘Radiant’ colors are laid out along the inner ring of colors along with white 

Each of the yellow, red and blue colors come in a warm and cool relative temperature, plus a green and purple.  These colors have been especially nice for flesh.  I can warm or cool my mixes with color that is already closer to my target in value.

The colors are all similar in consistency and seem to have drying times all within the same range.  The turquoise and the purple might dry slightly faster, but I haven’t been very scientific in my observations.

You can find the Radiant colors at many art stores.  Here are links straight to the paint:

Dick Blick
Cheap Joes
Jerry’s Artarama
Amazon – See the list at the top of the post for links to the individual tubes on Amazon

Thanks for giving this post a read and I hope you found it useful!

Howard Lyon