Above: If you’ve seen Greg’s first book, you already know
how high the quality is of his portraits.

Extraordinary photographer Greg Preston has a Kickstarter project to produce an all new…well…let’s let Geg describe it:

The Artist Within Book 2 is a book or portraits of Comic Book Artists, Cartoonists Animators and Illustrators.
“The idea for this project came from an assignment I had when I was a student at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where I met and had the chance to photograph animator, comic book artist and cartoonist Scott Shaw! I started working in earnest on the project a few years after graduation, and here we are today. Over the past 25 years I have photographed over 200 of these amazing artists.
“With your support I am hoping to publish a new coffee table book of these portraits, complete with the bio’s & art of the artists included. In this new edition I’ve included some quotes from each artist as well. 
“The list of artists includes the ‘Who’s Who’ of the Comic Book, Cartoon, and Animation fields and just for fun, some amazing illustrators & designers who have greatly influenced this genre- I think your gonna love it!”
I think of this as a wonderful type of history book for our field—and besides, Who doesn’t want to know what their favorite artist and their studio looks like? Greg’s got a ways to go to fund this book, so if you can pitch in and help, please hit this link.
Donato Giancola

Phil Hale

Michael Whelan

Drew Struzan