-By Dan dos Santos

We have discussed the nature of talent vs. skill several times here on Muddy Colors. Recently, Freakanomics Radio tackled the topic as well, interviewing psychologist Anders Ericsson on the subject. Check out the podcast below, which runs for about one hour, for a really intriguing and insightful look at the matter. Many may recognize Ericsson’s name as the researcher who coined the “10,000 hour” rule.

What if the thing we call “talent” is grotesquely overrated? And what if deliberate practice is the secret to excellence? Those are the claims of the research psychologist Anders Ericsson, who has been studying the science of expertise for decades.

If you’re having trouble listening to the podcast through the widget above, you can click here to download it directly: http://audio.wnyc.org/freakonomics_radio/freakonomics_radio111716.mp3

And for those who want to put this theory into practice, you may also be interested in their recent podcast about How to Be More Productive: http://freakonomics.com/podcast/how-to-be-more-productive/