by Donato

In preparing for a visual lecture this past month, it was fun to look back at the themes and tropes I loved to draw as a young artist, and reflect upon where those ideas have taken me to today.  In revisiting content from those earlier years, I find it a wonderful conduit through which I channel my maturing narratives and passions as an artist.  More than nostalgic, the excitement I feel regarding these themes taps into the awareness of my audience and the desire to share new concepts reflecting my current state of mind.

Iron Man   1985    Donato Giancola
Iron Man : Steel   2009   Donato Giancola
Captain America 1984  Donato Giancola
Captain America: Duty  2013  Donato Giancola
Gandalf and the Balrog     1989  Donato Giancola
Zirak-Zigil   ‘I threw down my enemy’    2014    Donato Giancola
Green Dragon   1981   Donato Giancola
DragonShadow    1998    Donato Giancola
X-Men   1985   Donato Giancola
Inheritors of Earth     1998   Donato Giancola
Sentinel   1985   Donato Giancola
Prometheus A.I.    2016  Donato Giancola