-By Jesper Ejsing

1 year ago I was in Lucca for the Comics and games Con. By far the best comic convention I have attended. I got to meet Claire Wendling again, I painted next to Kim Jung Gi, ( a very stressful experience ) and I hung out with the fabulous Karl Kopinski for a whole week eating fine Italian cooking and met the absolutely fantastic crew that host and arrange the festival every year.

If you are living outside of Europe you should try to go to Lucca for the Convention, even if it is a bit expensive to travel…but wait! You could also just participate in the brand new Award called Overluk Award and win! and you will be invited to Lucca as a special guest. I know I will participate.
The judges are a cool bunch of people.

The deadline is March 31 – 2017

Now, back to the hotel minibar. I am traveling this week, getting ready for the Emerald City Comic Con and Schoolism Workshop, so forgive me for this very short update…