Hello all! Thanks to the success of our recent Patreon videos and the continued generosity of our readers, we are finally capable of investing some legitimate money into our website, and we want your input!

Very shortly, we will be revamping the Muddy Colors website. We have been tossing around ideas to make it more of an everyday hub for artists of many genres. The goal for the new site is primarily to encourage more interaction. We’d like to open this up to you, our faithful readers, to get your feedback on what you’d like to see from Muddy Colors. You are, after all, the ones who keep this blog meaningful!

Some changes have already been announced and put into place. We’re working on a new logo (one of many prospective new logos above) and overall site design. We’ve also begun offering our past demos for purchase through our site here.

We also have top secret plans for a few more artists to join our ranks as contributors very soon! Trust me… you are going to be impressed!

While we’re very excited about the new direction, and we’re not just talking about post topics (though those are welcome too!), we want your input on the site itself. Layout! Features! What would you like to see? Live chat? Forums? Portfolios?  Perhaps it would be nice for posts with new comments get bumped to the top to encourage continued discussion?

This is your chance to let us know what could help make Muddy Colors more engaging to you.

So please feel free to drop us a comment with your suggestions. Send us ideas. Send us thumbnails even! Whatever you’d like to share, we’d like to see! Even if it’s just a comment stating what you don’t like. We looking forward to hearing from you all!