My friend Micah Christensen (I have posted about him before with his excellent series of lectures on is once again providing free and substantial presentations for the art community. This new series of lectures is titled Artistic Arsenals.

Micah is a gifted lecturer and is also extremely generous with his time and knowledge. (On a side note if you visit me in Utah, going to his bi-monthly lectures will be on the top of my to-do list with you!)

The goal of the series is to better “arm artists and collectors with scholarship.” Listening to Micah always leaves me with far more knowledge and insight than I had before. Give yourself a treat and put these on while working. You’ll come away elevated and possessing a bit more power in your artistic arsenal.

The first in the series is titled, Iconography and Iconology: How to Speak the Language of Art.

It continues with Technology in Paints, Brushes & Supports through Time.

You can see all posted so far here

Stay tuned though, there are more to come!