This month’s Patreon video is ‘Bringing Fantasy to Life: an Oil Painting Demo with Ryan Pancoast’.

Watch as Magic: The Gathering Artist, Ryan Pancoast, walks you through an entire oil painting from start to finish in this 3 hour video. Ryan will demonstrate his process for creating life-like fantasy images, while answering viewer questions. You’ll get to see his preliminary work, his reference, his underdrawing, and even his color mixing every step of the way. A must watch for anyone wanting to delve into the world of oil painting!

Tune in Saturday, April 28th to watch this incredible artist do what he does best!

How it works:

To watch or download this video, simply sign up for our Patreon any time before the month’s end. Then visit our Patreon mainpage starting Saturday, April 28th, and you will see a new post containing the embedded video and links. It’s as easy as that!

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Video will stream continuously for 72 Hours, Saturday, April 28th though Monday April 30th. Watch it as many times as you want before the broadcast expires.

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