Recently while looking for something on YouTube, low and behold I happened across a series of videos featuring the Weta Workshop’s Art Director & Senior Concept Artist Paul Tobin talking shop. Everybody knows that Weta is one of the preeminent film design and SFX companies working today. The impressive list of projects on their resume include The Lord of the Rings trilogy (as well as The Hobbit trilogy), Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Thor: Ragnorok among many others—and Paul has worked on a whole big batch of them. He’s also one of the founders of the White Cloud Worlds art book series which has led to conferences, exhibitions, and workshops in his native New Zealand. So, as you might imagine, I was very interested in checking out Paul’s videos—and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m sharing one here on Muddy Colors this morning by way of introduction; after you watch it I’m pretty sure you’ll want to visit YouTube and watch Paul talk about inspiration, designing for Avatar, working on The Chronicles of Narnia, and more.