I often think that if I could re-do my art education today, I would totally forgo a traditional 4-year art school and instead substitute it with mentorships and programs like the IMC, which in my opinion is FAR superior to any option I had available to me in my youth.

For anyone who is unfamiliar, The IMC is a week long intensive workshop where aspiring artists get work alongside some of the most influential artists in their field. The week is full of lectures, demos, and lots of hands-on instruction. I am not exaggerating when I say that the IMC is like 4 years of college crammed into 1 week, and is hands-down the greatest workshop I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved in.

Part of what make the IMC so effective, is the wonderful student/teacher ratio, which ensures that every student gets intensive one-on-one time with the instructors of their choice.

This year’s amazing roster of instructors includes:

Rebecca Guay
Donato Giancola
Boris Vallejo
Julie Bell
Scott Fischer
Greg Manchess
Dan dos Santos
Irene Gallo

There will also be 3 special guests, attending this year only:

Mike Mignola

Mike Mignola: Comic Book Artist, Author, and creator of Hellboy


Karla Ortiz

Karla Ortiz: Illustrator, Concept Artist & Fine Artist, know for her work on the Marvel Universe films, and Magic: The Gathering


Iain McCaig

Iain McCaig: Illustrator & Concept Artist. A titan in the industry, Iain is well known for his work in establishing the look of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Also in attendance will be quite a few Art Directors and Agents present throughout the whole week, offering advice, portfolio reviews and scouting for talent, including:

Lauren Panepinto (Orbit Books)
Mark Winters (Valve Software)
Erica Berkowitz (Haven Gallery)
Joe Weinreb (Haven Gallery)
Matthew Elliot Mitchell (Beautiful Bizarre)

Enrollment for the 2019 IMC opened last week. Seating, which is extremely limited to just 90 students, is already more than half gone! The 2019 IMC is sure to sell out with a roster like this, so if you’re interested, don’t delay!

Further more…

For the first time ever, anyone who signs up for the IMC will also receive viewing access to a 15 week mentorship course by the instructor of their choice… completely FREE! These classes meet weekly over the course of 4 months, and like the IMC, include paintovers, critiques, and live demos. IMC attendees will get to watch these classes take place live, each and every week, completely free of charge.