Hey there Muddy-ones. I get the honor this year of the Christmas Day post! Well I wanted to do something special, and I could think of nothing better than to paint the main man himself.


(And we’re not talking about Santa here folks. Were talking about KRAMPUS! (Though Technically his day was Dec 5th.))

So if you get a quiet moment this fine day, I present to you an 8 min narrated video, from comp to final art, to unwrap and digest along side those Christmas Cookies.

If the video isn’t working, try this link https://youtu.be/s6Gjgdl6Fvs

And for some historical context, how about we look back at the many ways Krampus has been drawn. In fact there are so many variations that I felt pretty liberated to chase my own version. I knew I wanted to lean on his Goat heritage, so I looked at a bunch of goat photos before setting to the task. The other things I really wanted in there were the chains,  and the birch twig switch- to whip all those naughty children and take them back to hell. Now there’s the Christmas spirit!


Catch you all next year! (If Krampus doesn’t catch you first.)