Ron Lemen’s previous Muddy Colors video “Drawing the Figure from Imagination” has long been one of our best selling videos. Unfortunately, the 2 hour live demo format we were doing at the time barely allowed Ron to scratch the surface of this complex subject. We have been talking with Ron about doing something more comprehensive ever since. We are really excited to announce that that day is finally here!

We will be doing a new SERIES of videos with Ron, each one a full length (2 hour) video tutorial. All together, these 4 videos (totaling approximately 8 hours runtime) should give our Patrons an extremely thorough overview of drawing the human figure, both from imagination and reference alike. In it’s entirety, these videos will feel like a virtual course on the subject.

Our hope is that this newer, more comprehensive video series will serve as a definitive guide on the subject for years to come.

Excerpts from Ron Lemen’s previous anatomy video.

These videos are still in progress, so release dates and specific subject matter may change. But if all goes according to plan, you can expect the first installment in this series to release December 28th, and it will cover the creation of a believable anatomical mannequin through the use of proportion, simple forms and perspective.

Sign up for our Patreon anytime before the end of December to receive ‘Part 1’ this video series at half price. Or, you can find the video right here on Muddy Colors starting December 28th at the regular retail price.

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