It’s finally out! My first artbook is published and I have it in my hands as I am writing this.

Editions Caurette publishing

I still remember the first fantasy artbook I bought. It was by Rodney Matthews, and I had save my allowance money for 2 months to buy it. It was a treasure and a well of inspiration. Actually it formed my fantasy illustrations for years, since it was my only artbook for a very long time.

The next book I save up for was Michale Whelans “Works of Wonder”. Once again it totally changed how I was drawing and painting. Whelan was painting using acrylics and I was using watercolor, so I switched right away.

When we started the production of my own artbook, I had these memories in mind. When my publisher asked how many pages I was thinking about adding to the book or how much art would be in it, I knew the answer right away: All of it!

If somehow I can reach another young artist going out to buy his or her first artbook and find inspiration, it is all i have hoped for. Sharing my last 15 years of art with you guys, is a privilege and a joy.

So the book was published 2 weeks ago in Angouleme comic festival. As I have mentioned earlier i was asked to sign the book with the fabulous Karl Kopinski on my right side and Master Kim Jung Gi at my right. It is an understatement to say I was nervous. I am not in anyway a sketch artist. I would rather be called a doodler or a trial by error-artist. it was like having to play in a 3 man band with Miles Davis and Coltrane. “yeah Jesper, we know trumpet is not your favorite thing but play anyway. And remember going up there; you have so many other qualities too. You are also good at cooking”.

It took me half a day to relax. Karl was being helpful and told me to not worry. He even complemented on my bad drawings and I finally settled into doing some figures and faces that I liked.

Here are some of them: