I was browsing my local bookstore recently, and discovered this new, illustrated edition of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, illustrated by Russian Illustrator, Anton Lomaev.

The first thing to catch my eye about this book was how big it is. At 12 inches tall, and more than 500 pages long, this is a beast of a book! It is an unabridged telling  Melville’s classic novel, but with more than 60 new, full-page color watercolors!

Each illustration is presented full bleed, making for quite an impact. The large size also allows you to really enjoy the fine textual details of Anton’s work.

Anton Lomaev was born in Vitebsk, Belarus. He is a member of the prestigious union of Russian painters. Lomaev has published several illustrated novels, including the famous Redwall series by Brian Jacques. He is member of the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg, Russia, where he lives.

Take a peek below a just a handful of some of the incredible illustrations included in this book:

This is the first I’ve seen of Anton Lomaev’s art, but this is by no means his first book. After looking at his website, I was excited to discover he has quite a lot of illustrated books! I’ve quickly become a fan of his work, and look forward to checking out more of his books.

You can take a look at some of Anton’s other work at his website:

Or your own copy of this illustrated Moby Dick at Amazon, right HERE