Artwork by Tommy Arnold

Artwork by Micah Epstein



















Finally, I can talk about that silly bulb logo I’ve been posting over and over! Good friend and colleague Micah Epstein and I are pleased to be producing a new art podcast, Black White Grey!. You can hit the link to listen to the first three episodes right now, and we have more shows – and some great surprises – on the way. From our site:

“We don’t believe in talent; we don’t believe in pencil mileage. We believe in making real progress as artists, using only the best methods available. This show is about finding, investigating, and sharing those methods. Fantasy & science-fiction illustrators Micah Epstein and Tommy Arnold team up to talk about illustration and artistic development, interview industry leaders, and host collaborative Q&As in this bi-monthly podcast.”


Below I’ve embedded a sample episode so you can give us a listen right here on Muddy Colors (EP. 03: Fighting the Dragon. Cover art by Micah Epstein, © Wizards of the Coast).

To get access to extra episodes and join in on patron-only Q&A sessions, consider joining Team BWG by supporting us on Patreon! There’s a lot of great content in the works. If you give us a listen, I really hope you enjoy it – we’ve had so many laughs putting this all together; after all, art should be fun as hell.