Today’s post is a signal boost for what I think will be an excellent portrait video coming out soon from Streamline Video by Joshua LaRock. The video is titled Classical Portraits. I have been a fan of Joshua’s work for several years. I think he paints with a wonderful sensitivity to form and light and the way he paints skin resonates with me.

I have not yet seen the video but I am looking forward to it when it comes out. Streamline is offering a discount with signup for their mailing list. Streamline’s videos aren’t cheap, but I have a couple of them and they are well done. I think it is the next best thing to a workshop for 1/4 of the cost. You can find a link to the video on Joshua’s website here


On the chance that you aren’t familiar with his work, I am including some here. Here is the painting (below) from a previous demonstration video.
His portrait work feels like it is building on the principles of the past that I admire, but also feels contemporary. His allegorical work has a quality to it that evokes the latter half of the 19th century and it makes me so happy to see this kind of work being developed today.  I love the sense of light in the painting below. The subtle haze of light coming off the figure is handled so well and the fabric feels full of light.

If you weren’t familiar with Joshua’s work before, I am happy to introduce you to him. Besides his website, you can also find his work and updates on his Instagram channel here

If you happen to purchase the video let me know what you think. I look forward to posting a review here in the future!